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Maroon 5 have become the latest stars to scrap concerts in North Carolina to protest a controversial anti-LGBT law.
House Bill 2, commonly known as the Bathroom Bill, was signed into law in March (16) and forces transgender residents to use gender-specific restrooms. It also limits the rights of all members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community against discrimination.
Artists like Bruce Springsteen, Ringo Starr, Pearl Jam, Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas have all axed plans to play in the state as a result of the legislation, and now Adam Levine and his Maroon 5 bandmates are adding their names to the growing list of protesting performers, cancelling two shows in the area in September (16).
“We have announced that we will be canceling our upcoming shows in Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina because of the recent passage of the HB2 legislation,” they write in a statement posted on their website.
“This was a difficult decision for us to make as a band. We don’t want to penalize our fans in North Carolina by not performing for them, but in the end it comes down to what we feel is morally right.”
The news emerges three days after openly-gay star Elton John attacked North Carolina lawmakers for passing the bill in a passionate essay for news site The Hill.
In the article, published on Tuesday (17May16), he called out Governor Pat McCrory for signing the proposal into law, and added, “Forcing transgender people to use the bathroom of a gender with which they don’t identify isn’t just inconvenient or impractical. For many, especially young students still grappling with their transition, it can be traumatic, and at worst, unsafe.
“The failure of McCrory and other lawmakers to see this is a failure of compassion, a failure to recognize the difficult and frequently unwelcoming world transgender people must navigate every day, stigmatized by the fear and ignorance of others.”

Uma Thurman feels “violated” after an Italian entrepreneur took advantage of a charity kiss and forced a full-on make out session during a Cannes Film Festival event.
The Kill Bill actress offered up a lip-lock to help raise funds at the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Gala, which she helped to host on Thursday night (19May16), and the winning bid of $196,000 (£135,000) was placed by businessman Lapo Elkann.
However, instead of enjoying a simple kiss on the lips, Elkann was photographed grabbing Thurman’s face and going in for an aggressive smooch, leaving the actress a little taken aback.
She appeared to go along with the stunt and managed to maintain her composure, even smiling for the cameras after the uncomfortable incident, but now her publicist, Leslie Sloane, has made it clear Thurman did not agree to such an inappropriate display.
“It is opportunism at its worst. She wasn’t complicit in it,” Sloane wrote in a statement issued to “Somewhere in his head he must have thought it an appropriate way of behaving. It clearly wasn’t.”
“She is very unhappy that this happened to her and feels violated.”
She added to, “It looks like she was happy to have it happen, but it was not consensual.”
Thurman, a mother of three, is reportedly dating hotelier Andre Balazs once more, after splitting in 2007 following three years together. They reunited for a vacation in St. Bart’s last year (15), and appeared to be firmly back on as they attended the Met Gala in New York City on 2 May (16).
Thurman, 46, wasn’t the only celebrity to offer something up for auction for the charity event. Leonardo DiCaprio decided to open his home to the highest bidder, giving them a week-long vacation for 12 guests at his Palm Springs, California estate early next year (17) – although the stay does not include any time with the Oscar winner himself. His lot sold for $336,000 (£230,703). The event’s opening host, Kevin Spacey, also sold a day with him and a walk-on role on his U.S. TV series House of Cards for $560,000 (£384,510).

Actress Eva Longoria has touched down in Acapulco, Mexico ahead of her weekend wedding to Jose ‘Pepe’ Baston.
Multiple reports suggest the former Desperate Housewives beauty will tie the knot with TV mogul Baston on Saturday (21May16), and Eva has all but confirmed the nuptials will take place in the coastal city of Acapulco by sharing idyllic photos from her luxury resort online.
The bride-to-be, fresh from attending the Cannes Film Festival in France, took to on Friday (20May16) and posted a snap of her view of the ocean, with palm trees and swimming pools also featured in the image. She did not add a caption, but listed her location as Acapulco, Mexico.
Despite her big day looming, Eva even managed to squeeze in an exercise session in the sun.
“Early morning yoga with my favorite instructor @craig_fields!” she wrote beside a picture of herself doing a handstand outside with her pal.
According to, the couple will say “I do” at the home of the Latin beauty’s pal, Jane the Virgin actor Jaime Camil, who will join guests including Ricky Martin, Penelope Cruz, Katy Perry, Mario Lopez, Amaury Nolasco, and David and Victoria Beckham at the ceremony and reception.
Singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria is said to have created her best friend Eva’s wedding dress.
Eva, 41, and Jose, 47, became engaged in December (15) during a vacation in Dubai, where the Mexican TV mogul presented his love with a ruby ring. The couple began dating in late 2013.
The marriage will be the actress’ third after failed unions to actor Tyler Christopher and basketball star Tony Parker.

Susan Sarandon is thanking fans for their support following the death of her brother.
Terry Tomalin, one of The Rocky Horror Show star’s eight siblings, died on Thursday (19May16) after suffering a heart attack. Terry worked as outdoors editor for Florida newspaper the Tampa Bay Times, and according to the publication, he was at an aquatic center in St. Petersburg, Florida, for a lifeguarding class with his son when he collapsed. He then failed to regain consciousness.
He is survived by his wife Kanika and their children, 14-year-old Kai and 12-year-old Nia.
Kanika, who works as deputy mayor in St. Petersburg, told the Tampa Bay Times: “We are devastated. He loved us. He loved his family so much, and we loved him.”
Susan has now addressed the sad news via, as she expressed her gratitude for fans’ well wishes.
“Thank you to everyone who reached out with love at the passing of my brother Terry Tomalin,” she wrote. “I will pass on your prayers to his wife and family.”
Tampa Bay Times editor Neil Brown told the newsroom of Tomalin’s passing on Thursday afternoon, and later released a statement expressing his sorrow at his death.
“Terry personified what it meant to be part of a community,” the statement read. “You think of Terry and you think of his stories about the beauty of being alive and taking advantage of living around Tampa Bay. You think of his volunteer work in the community or you think of him routinely taking 40 kids camping. I can’t imagine that I’ve ever been around a more giving, energetic, can-do man.”
Thelma and Louise star Susan is the eldest in her large Irish-American family, which was raised in New Jersey.

Rapper Drake is continuing to dominate the U.K. charts by landing a second week atop both the singles and albums countdowns.
The Hotline Bling star’s new album Views remains at number one, keeping Beyonce’s former chart-topper, Lemonade, at two.
Norwegian dance DJ Kygo is a new entry at three with Cloud Nine, while Radiohead’s A Moon Shaped Pool slips one spot to four, and Meghan Trainor’s Thank You debuts at five.
Meanwhile, Drake’s hit song One Dance makes it six weeks in pole position, just ahead of Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop The Feeling.
Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s new collaboration This Is What You Came For rounds out the new top three.

Peter Dinklage, Game Of Thrones, HBO, 052016

*** This post is dark and full of spoilers ***

With the resurrection of Jon Snow as well as Sansa and Theon’s escape from Winterfell, we were all pretty occupied by everything that went down in “Home”, the second episode of Game of Thrones‘ sixth season. Therefore, when Tyrion unchained Daenerys’ dragons so they could eat, and they didn’t retaliate against him, we were unbothered. The most iconic Lannister approached the massive fire breathers apprehensively, saying, “Don’t eat the help”, as he unshackled them from their chains. Shockingly, Tyrion was left in one piece.

However, if you were preoccupied by the other various story-lines that were running throughout the episode, you probably didn’t realize that GoT basically confirmed one of the major fan theories surrounding the entire Song of Ice and Fire series. So what is that theory?!

It’s that Tyrion Lannister is actually a Targaryen.


If you’ve never heard of this before then you’re probably like WTF, so let us explain. The Targaryen family is known for their relationship with dragons, and the fact that Tyrion was able to leave that dungeon unscathed without Dany there to soothe her “children” says a lot. But, this is just one small thing among a ton of other things that proves Tyrion’s Targaryen lineage.

Until his death, Tywin Lannister openly hated his youngest son. Though his status as a little person was thought to be the main reason, Tywin also stated once, “I can prove that you are not mine.”


So how could this be? Apparently, the Mad King was obsessed with Tywin’s wife Joanna, and he took “unwanted liberties” with her on her wedding night. As a result, the Mad King’s wife, Rhaella dismissed Joanna as one of her ladies in waiting. Obviously, knowing the Mad King’s track record, we doubt this was a singular event, but we don’ t know since Joanna would later die giving birth to Tyrion.

Interestingly enough, Dany and Jon’s mothers also die in childbirth and if you know anything about the R+L=J theory (Jon being the son of  Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark) then you know GoT fans have long suspected the former Lord Commander of being a Targaryen as well.

Fans of George R.R. Martin‘s books know that there are even more details about Tyrion’s possible parentage in the text, including his appearance, (In the books he has silver-blonde hair as well as one black eye and one green eye.) and his obsession with dragons. Still, show-fans will have to just look at the evidence that HBO has presented to them onscreen for now, and decide if Tyrion could possible be a Targaryen for themselves.


If in fact Tyrion is a Targaryen, that means that he Jon and Dany could form the prophesied three heads of the dragon.

Still confused?! Check out the video below to help you out.


If you were a ’90s kid then one of the quintessential films that marked your childhood was the Lindsay Lohan star vehicle, The Parent Trap. In the film, Lohan starred as 11-year old twins Hallie and Annie, who meet at a summer camp and conspire to bring their estranged parents together. Though Dennis Quaid and the late Natasha Richardson were both lovely in their respective roles, it was actress Elaine Hendrix‘s portrayal of the gold-digging, child-hating Meredith Blake that stole every single scene that she was in.

Seriously, we’re no fan of camping either, but Meredith was an absolute pill. To this day, every time we think of Meredith with that lizard stuck in her mouth, we nearly die of laughter.


Since The Parent Trap, Hendrix has gone on to star in tons of films and several television series including Joan of Arcadia and most recently FX‘s Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll.

Flip to see what Elaine Hendrix looks like now.


Unlike the wretched Meredith, Elaine is actually amazeballs. She's a huge equal rights and animal activist who is vocal not just about tolerance, but true acceptance of other people. In 2012, she founded The Pet Matchmaker, an organization dedicated to celebrating and inspiring the rescue, foster and adoption of homeless pets everywhere.

Though Elaine is clearly dazzling the world with her awesomeness, we'd still secretly like to imagine that Meredith is still in that lake floating along on an air mattress.



Hollywood superstar Tom Hiddleston’s love of movies began when as a child he pretended to be Indiana Jones.
The actor, 35, is now one of the world’s most in demand stars, as he plays villainous Loki in the Marvel superhero movies and is British bookmakers’ favourite to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond.
However, Tom admits that as a child there was one part he especially wanted – Harrison Ford’s role as adventure loving archaeologist Indiana Jones.
“I spent my childhood running around my parents’ living room pretending to be Harrison Ford on a horse, wearing a hat, with the Indiana Jones theme tune playing in the background,” he tells Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper.
But with Harrison still going strong in the role aged 73 – with a fifth Indiana Jones movie featuring the movie veteran being announced by Disney bosses in March (16), he may have to settle for his role as god-like mischief-maker Loki.
And Tom, who will return as Loki next year in Thor: Ragnarok, says that when he got a little older, it was villainous characters who he loved seeing on screen, adding, “When I was a teenager I loved watching Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber in Die Hard or Jack Nicholson as The Joker in Batman.”
The movie hunk’s early acting career was mostly spent on stage, although he did not always seem destined to be the star. He admits that when at prestigious British independent educational establishment Eton, he was upstaged in school productions by another schoolmate who would go on to great things, Eddie Redmayne.
“Eddie and I are very good friends still,” he explains. “We’ve actually been fellow actors for 20 years now. There was a production of E.M. Forster’s A Passage To India at school. I had a small part in the chorus and he had one of the leading roles, and one of my jobs was to play the right leg of an elephant he was riding on, which I still remind him of!”
The big break that would eventually take Tom to Hollywood came when Kenneth Branagh, who would go on to direct the first Thor film, saw him in a production of the William Shakespeare play Othello.
“I was in a production of Othello and Ken Branagh, being the Shakespearean he is, came to see it,” the British star says. “He said he’d like to work with me, so we did a radio play, and then a Chekhov play in the West End, and then he cast me to play his number two in the TV series Wallander.
“When I first came to Los Angeles, I was auditioning for everything, big movies, small movies, superhero movies,” he adds. “Ken cast me as Loki in Thor. Bizarrely enough, Joss Whedon (The Avengers director), who had also seen that Othello production, had loved it so much that he wrote me a very good part for Loki in The Avengers.”
Tom’s latest film, a biopic of American musician Hank Williams was released in the U.S. in April (16), and opened in U.K. cinemas earlier this month (May16).

John Legend doesn’t do lullabies – he prefers to sing baby Luna Simone his own songs.
The Oscar- and Grammy-winning artist revealed at the opening of the off-Broadway production of Turn Me Loose on Thursday (19May16) that he likes to croon his own tunes as means of getting his newborn daughter off to sleep.
John attended the opening of the play, which the singer and songwriter is producing, at the Westside Theatre in New York City with model wife Chrissy Teigen, who looked stunning in a plunging, split to the hip, black dress, as the couple enjoyed their first night out in New York since becoming parents.
Chrissy and John, who live in Los Angeles, travelled with their bundle of joy, and speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the 37-year-old Ordinary People singer shared daughter Luna is not being treated to the usual nursery time classics.
“I have some new stuff from the next album that I sing to her,” smiled the velvet-voiced crooner.
While John appears to enjoy testing out his music on his tiny audience, it appears it might be an improvement on his initial efforts. Wife Chrissy, 30, has joked that some of his attempts at singing lullabies to Luna were “pretty questionable”.
“I gotta say though, if you could listen in, some of them are pretty questionable,” she laughed to PEOPLE Now.
“He doesn’t really know how to sing to babies … (The) bath time song wasn’t so good, I will say, last night. It was like, ‘You’re taking a bath time.’ Like, there was just no thought into it.”
John was in town for the opening of Turn Me Loose, which tells the life story of famed comedian and activist Dick Gregory, portrayed on stage by Scandal star Joe Morton, and as the play’s producer revealed he feels “lucky to be a part of it.”
“He’s an amazing comic but also a tireless activist and has been a part of so many important historical moments in our nation’s history and he has a life whose story is worth being told and we wanted to help get it out there,” he added.
Turn Me Loose is set to run until 3 July (16) at the Westside Theatre in New York City.

Shane Black wrote new film The Nice Guys before 2005’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.
The ‘70s set movie had its London premiere on Thursday night (19May16), and Ryan Gosling delighted fans with his appearance, after he missed the British press conference earlier in the week due to dashing home to America.
Russell Crowe also stars in the buddy flick, directed by Shane Black. The project has been in the pipeline for over a decade, with legendary producer Joel Silver admitting they tried to get the project off the ground numerous times.
“There is no such thing as an easy anything. Shane and I go back a long time, 30 years,” Joel told Cover Media. “He was a 21-year-old college graduate from UCLA when he wrote Lethal Weapon in ’86. Of course, we went on to do Lethal Weapon 2, then The Last Boy Scout and he took a graded introspection which I wasn’t part of.
“Then we did Kiss Kiss in 2005. He had written The Nice Guys before that in 2001 and we had tried a few ways to do it, we tried it as a television series, a miniseries.”
The pair’s luck changed after the success of Iron Man 3, which reunited Shane with his Kiss Kiss Bang Bang leading man Robert Downey Jr. Suddenly people wanted to know all about The Nice Guys
“It was one of those get out of jail free cards, whatever (Shane) wants he can do,” Joel smiled. “He didn’t go to jail but he said ‘I want to make Nice Guys’. In the magic of the process Russell said ‘I like it, I think it could work’, Ryan said ‘I want to work with Russell so I like it’, then we had a movie.”