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Ben Affleck sparked concern among fans when he slurred his way through an expletive-ridden rant on a sports show on Wednesday night (22Jun16).
The 43-year-old actor appeared on Bill Simmons’ new HBO show Any Given Wednesday and was asked about the NFL (National Football League) tampering scandal known as ‘Deflategate’. New England Patriots player Tom Brady was suspended due to his alleged part in the 2015 scandal, which centred around allegations that the team had been under inflating the footballs they used to give them an illegal advantage in games.
Ben is a close friend of Tom’s, and used his appearance on the programme to reveal his feelings about the allegations against the sportsman.
“We’re running our greatest player ever through… this, this mill of humiliation and shame, which is totally unwarranted for the sake of our own bruised egos and our embarrassment and to paper over our mismanagement,” he ranted.
Clearly feeling strongly about what he was saying, Ben frequently cursed as he attempted to get his point across. But his emphatic delivery caused concern among many fans, who commented that the actor appeared to be slurring.
Some speculated that he may have had a drink prior to the show being filmed, with one writing: “I think Ben Affleck is drunk. His face looks red and puffy and he seems to be slurring.”
Another added: “Liked the show but it seemed as if Ben Affleck was slurring drunk or having some sort of seizure… #AnyGivenWednesday.”
Others said it seemed that Ben was just over emotional about the subject, with one fan writing: “Ben Affleck on #AnyGivenWednesday sounds like me when I’ve only had an hour of sleep. Slurring, over-emotional…”
However, a source close to the father-of-three told that Ben was “stone cold sober” and the nature of his slurring was due to being “passionate about Tom Brady”.
“Ben and Simmons got into a heated, loud ‘Deflategate’ debate before the cameras started rolling,” the insider told TMZ. “So when the show started filming at 11am, Ben was already fired up.”

Kanye West will premiere his new video Famous at a glitzy event near Los Angeles on Friday (24Jun16).
The 39-year-old rapper is known for never doing anything by halves, and has chosen to unveil the “groundbreaking visual” for the track at The Forum in Inglewood, California on Friday afternoon.
Fans will be able to get their hands on tickets to the exclusive event for $25 (£17) when they go on sale at 10am PST on Thursday (23Jun16). In addition, new merchandise created especially for the event will go on sale.
Once tickets to the 17,500 capacity venue have sold out, others will be able to watch the event via a live stream on Jay Z’s Tidal music service.
This latest event follows Kanye’s sold-out Yeezy Season 3 fashion show at Madison Square Garden in New York back in February (16), where he premiered his latest album The Life of Pablo.
It is unclear just what Kanye has planned with his Famous video, but the track hit headlines earlier this year (16) when it was revealed that he jokes about sleeping with Taylor Swift and calls her a “b**ch” in the lyrics.
There has since been a heated war of words between Taylor and Kanye via their representatives. While Taylor’s spokesperson blasted his lyric choice, Kanye then claimed the singer had given him the OK to reference her in the track.
Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian then got involved in the row during a recent interview with GQ magazine, in which she claimed Taylor “totally knew” about the song, and that a tape of the phone call in which she agreed to the track being released exists.
Following Kim’s chat with GQ, Taylor’s representatives released a statement in which they accused the reality star of being “incorrect” in her claims.
But Britain’s The Sun newspaper then claimed it had seen a legal letter sent by Taylor’s lawyers, in which they are said to have demanded that the tape of the conversation should be destroyed.
“Taylor got her lawyers to threaten Kanye and demanded that the recording was killed,” a source told the newspaper. “They stressed the phone call was confidential and that publishing it would violate her rights.
“It validates that a taped conversation where Taylor was on board with the song does exist, and just shows how worried she is about the truth coming out.”

Rob Kardashian has “all the qualities of a good father”, according to his pregnant fiancee Blac Chyna.
Blac, 28, is expecting her second child with Rob, but the baby will be the first for the reality star. But Blac insists she’s not worried about how he will take to parenthood, because he has such a paternal side.
“He’s a genuinely loving person…” she told the Daily Mail Online at a Cannes Lions event on Wednesday night (22Jun16). “Rob has all the qualities of a good father…. he’ll be straight.”
Rob’s famous family have praised former stripper Blac for helping him get out of his reclusive state over the past couple of years in recent episodes of their reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians.
However, Blac said it wasn’t entirely her doing.
“It makes me feel good but I tell him to give himself some credit also,” she explained of Rob’s drastic turnaround in his life.
It has been claimed in recent weeks that Rob and Blac could be tying the knot as soon as next month (Jul16). But those claims come as a shock to Blac, who said the pair hasn’t “started any wedding preparation just yet.”
The pretty blonde showcased her growing bump in a plunging metallic dress as she attended a yacht party at the media industry festival in Cannes, France.
Blac has not been afraid to experiment with maternity fashion during her pregnancy so far, but says her main concern about choosing what to wear for her changing figure is “keeping my a*s covered!”
But she added: “Pregnancy has treated me well so far.”
Rob and Blac announced their engagement in April (16) after a whirlwind romance, and last month (May16), the couple revealed it was expecting its first child together.
It has also been confirmed that the parents-to-be are filming a Keeping Up With the Kardashians spin-off – a new six-episode docu-series which will air later this year (16).

Ringo Starr will be celebrating his 76th birthday with friends and fans outside the Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood for the third year running next month (Jul16).
The former Beatles star annually urges fans to join him for a ‘Peace and Love’ salute at noon wherever they are on his birthday, and this year he’ll be joined his wife Barbara Bach and pals Dave Stewart and Jon Stevens.
Ringo is inviting everyone around the world to think or say ‘Peace & Love’ or share the #PeaceandLove hashtag at noon on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
His own celebration in Los Angeles will be streamed live on Ringo’s Facebook page.
The annual tradition began in 2008 after Starr was asked what he wanted for his birthday, and replied, “More peace and love. That is something you can’t have too much of.”
That July he staged the first Peace and Love event in Chicago, Illinois. Since then he has also held Peace & Love events in New York City, Hamburg, Nashville, and Los Angeles.
His hope is the positive energy released by fans all around the world on his birthday will affect change and bring about peace and love in areas of the world where it’s needed.

Actress Lindsay Lohan and her fiance Egor Tarabasov proudly walked the red carpet together for the first time at a charity event in London on Wednesday (22Jun16).
The cute couple first began dating around 10 months ago and although the lovebirds have been sharing their romance with fans in pictures on their social media accounts, they finally decided to make an official public appearance at the Caudwell Children’s Butterfly Ball.
In addition to posing for photos together on the red carpet, both Lindsay and Egor took to their respective Instagram profiles to express their appreciation for their invites to the charity function. The actress, donning a pale pink gown, even referenced a line from Mean Girls to her nearly 5 million followers, writing, “#onwednesdayswewearpink @clairelcaudwell and @johncaudwell thank you for including us to support all of the work you do for children bless you,” signing the sweet caption off with three prayer hands emojis.
Using the same candid picture of himself looking dapper in a black suit and bowtie while clasping his arm around the waist of his bride-to-be, Egor posted his own unique caption to the loved-up image, writing: “Proud to be at #butterflyball16 with @lindsaylohan supporting @caudwellchildren thank you @johncaudwell.”
Rumours of their engagement first circulated when Lindsay flashed an emerald ring on her left ring finger while attending a Duran Duran concert in April (16), and speculation the bauble was in fact an engagement band seemed to be legitimised when she wore the same piece of jewellery on the same ring finger during her date with Egor at the Butterfly Ball.
And although the couple has remained silent on its wedding plans, a source previously confirmed to Us Weekly Lindsay and Egor are indeed engaged.
“It was a big proposal, but it wasn’t done in public,” the insider told the outlet. “Lindsay texted a friend a picture of the ring.”

Hugh Dancy feels there are similarities between being an actor and being in a cult.
The 41-year-old actor plays wannabe cult leader Cal Roberts in his new TV show The Path. And in an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night (21Jun16), Hugh shared that the series has highlighted the link for him between acting and the performance aspects which are a central part of some religions or sects.
“I think it’s like a fan club at large,” he said. “I think the link is conviction. I think if you’re going to go out and give a performance, it doesn’t matter who you’re playing, you have to find a way to fully believe in that person for yourself. And I think that if you’re in a cult, you are probably living a life of conviction.”
When Stephen said that he likes the idea of leading a life determined by someone else, Hugh replied: “There’s some truth there. I think all of us, some part of us, wants that.”
Hugh added that he didn’t grow up following any religion in particular. But starring in The Path means that he has recognised that all organisations and beliefs have their upsides and downs.
“I think that it is in the eye of the beholder,” Hugh said of religion. “That’s not to say I dismiss all religion at all but we have this idea in popular culture of what a cult is – it’s a kind of 1970s thing, flowy dresses… all that stuff.
“And all of them have the opportunity for good or bad. All beliefs have the opportunity for good or bad.”
The Path also stars Aaron Paul as Eddie Lane, and the former Breaking Bad star has come up with a nickname for his co-star – “Fancy Dancy”. But Hugh finds the moniker rather humorous.
“When you’ve got a name like Dancy, you quickly learn that it rhymes with fancy,” he laughed.

Rapper Snoop Dogg is reportedly locked in a trademark infringement battle with bosses at Canadian hockey team the Toronto Maple Leafs over a weed logo.
The Gin & Juice star filed an application with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office in November (15) for a logo for his marijuana products line Leafs By Snoop, but the design didn’t sit well with the ice hockey team’s chiefs.
Earlier this month (Jun16), bosses at the Maple Leafs’ parent company, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, filed an opposition and asked for more time to detail their legal filings. According to, the 44-year-old’s logo features white lettering over a seven-leaf green plant and closely resembles the Canadian ice hockey team’s logo.
Snoop Dogg, a well-known lover of weed, launched the company in Colorado, where recreational marijuana is legal, in November. The line features a range of cannabis flowers and concentrates in eight different strains.
The line, which will be stocked at licensed cannabis dispensary chain LivWell in Colorado, was hand-picked by the rapper, and the collection also features candy and chocolate bars infused with cannabis oil.

Country musician Freddy Powers has died, aged 84.
The songwriter/producer passed away on Tuesday (21Jun16) following a long battle with Parkinson’s disease.
Powers started performing with his family in Texas honky-tonk venues. He went on to work with guitarist Paul Buskirk, Willie Nelson’s friend and collaborator, while also writing songs with Nelson and playing bass in the country legend’s band.
He also wrote songs for Merle Haggard, Ray Charles, and Big & Rich.

Star Trek icon Brent Spiner almost missed out on a role in Independence Day and it’s sequel, because he didn’t think the Roland Emmerich blockbuster would be a big hit.
The actor, who plays Dr. Brakish Okun in both movies admits his representatives had to sell him on the idea of joining the cast of the 2006 film, because he wasn’t sure it was the right career choice.
“I thought it was an homage to disaster films from another time but I didn’t think it was gonna be a huge film,” Brent tells WENN.
“One day I was talking to Jeff Goldblum outside his trailer and he says, ‘You know, I’ve got a feeling about this movie; I think it’s gonna be really something’. Lo and behold it just exploded.”
And now Spiner has reprised his character for the upcoming Independence Day: Resurgence.
“I like the fact that it’s been 20 years,” he adds. “I think it’s really cool. I mean who else gets to play a character they haven’t played for 20 years other than Harrison Ford or Arnold Schwarzenegger maybe. It’s a thrill to come back and do this guy again.”
Meanwhile, Goldblum insists fans are going to be more than happy with the sequel, because the technology available to director Emmerich this time around makes for a truly explosive blockbuster.
He explains, “This alien attack is as big as the entire Atlantic Ocean. By the force of it’s unexpected gravitational feel we are taken up and as we make our way over the continents, all of many other cities underneath it get drawn up by their roots; all of London, all of Dubai, San Francisco. It flies up in the air with people passing by screaming on the London Eye. Then we start falling down as it starts to descend.
“So these cities that have been drawn up start falling on other cities, crashing into each other. You’ve never seen world destruction like this on film before.”

Rapper Troy Ave is due back in court next month (Jul16) for a bail hearing after officially pleading not guilty to attempted second degree murder charges in court on Wednesday (22Jun16).
The hip-hop artist, real name Roland Collins, pleaded not guilty to charges of attempted murder and criminal possession of a weapon earlier this month (Jun16) in relation to a fatal shooting incident backstage at T.I.’s Irving Plaza gig in New York on 25 May (16).
Earlier this month (Jun16), Collins was indicted in Manhattan Criminal Court, and on Wednesday (22Jun16), he officially entered his plea. He is reportedly facing charges of one count of attempted second degree murder and four counts of criminal possession of a weapon.
According to, Assistant District Attorney Christine Keenan also announced Collins would face another charge for two additional guns found in the car he was a passenger in on the way to the hospital following the shooting. The charges from the current indictment only pertain to the incident which occurred on the balcony of the venue. The incident in the green room, where the initial shots were fired, is still under investigation.
“He was not responsible for anything in the green room,” his lawyer John Stella said after the hearing. “There was a struggle that happened in that green room, and a lot of confusion.”
He is due back in court on 1 July (16) for the bail hearing.
“This is a case where (Troy) was a victim,” his attorney Scott Leemon said outside of the court. “And he should be let out on bail and treated like a victim.”
During the shoot-out, Troy Ave was shot in the leg and two other bystanders were injured. The rapper’s bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter, was killed.